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Sparkling Centerpiece

A sparkling centerpiece is a great way to enhance a flower arrangement or candles on your beautifully set table. It's a Good Thing.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, May 2008


  • Glass, cut to size

  • Mirror

  • Paintbrushes

  • Sea sponge

  • Diluted black paint

  • Diluted gray-brown paint

  • Candles and flowers

  • Basecoat mirror paint


  1. Have restoration glass cut the size of your frame.

  2. Dip paintbrush in diluted black paint.

  3. Using another brush, knock together over mirror to get splatter spots on glass and let dry.

  4. Dip a dry sea sponge into diluted gray-brown paint.

  5. Dab sponge on glass lightly in random clusters; let dry.

  6. Place glass in cardboard box. Spray basecoat mirror paint until glass is completely covered. Let dry.

  7. Place candles and flowers on top.

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