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Source: Martha Stewart Living, Volume 55 December/January 1997/1998


Beads have captivated mankind ever since our primitive ancestors began fashioning eggshells into baubles. The allure of the bead lay in its ability to be combined, separated, and matched again with other beads to make beautiful jewelry.

You can make pretty decorations by gluing strung beads directly to blown eggshells.


  1. To blow out the egg, poke pinholes close together at the ends of the shell; gently break bits in between to make a larger hole. Stir the insides with a toothpick or long needle, then blow the insides into a bowl. Rinse and dry egg.

  2. Cut 8'' of 24-gauge wire, loop one end, and thread through holes in egg; make another loop so egg won't slide off. Use the wire as a working handle.

  3. Starting in the middle of the egg, liberally spread craft glue, using a paintbrush. Let glue set 2 to 3 minutes, or until tacky. Wrap a string of beads around equator of the egg, anchoring bare string at beginning and end of strand into glue.

  4. At the end of a strand, begin laying another; avoid gaps by lining up ends of string. Work toward one pole; try not to crush the shell.

  5. For striped eggs, alternate colors when laying new string. Begin and finish strings on back, aligning vertically. Repeat until covered.

  6. Cut excess beads from ends; leave enough bare string at end to anchor. Finish poles with larger beads threaded on wire passed through egg; make a new loop on end of each wire.

  7. Once glue has dried, attach a hook or ribbon.

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