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Season's Greetings: Simple Stanzas

Martha Stewart Living, December 2001

Here are eight suggestions for simple stanzas to fill your holiday cards and invitations:

If as you drive to our party
You pass a certain sleigh,
Hail the driver with a shout (be hearty!)
And bid him come our way.

Get ye ready for Christmas Day.
Wreathe the holly, twine the bay.
Let the bright red berries glow,
Everywhere in goodly show.

As we string these words together
Into a greeting fit to send,
We're gathering our good wishes
Into a wreath that has no end.

Unlike gifts that come and go,
Or tinsel in the attic stowed,
May the spirit of peace we hold so dear
Remain with us all throughout the year.

Lest long winter nights seem gloomy, consider this uplifting fact:
The extra hours are quite roomy for fireside toasts and all that.

Let us mix and mingle
And fete one Kriss Kringle.

Deck with pine and balsam boughs
The halls and lintels fair.
May their fragrance fill your house
With a joy for all to share.

If you seek a luscious eggnog,
Join us here on Christmas Eve.

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