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Marbleizing Eggs

Photography: Antonis Achilleos

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television



Each adorned with its own vibrant swirls, these enchanting eggs make delightful additions to any Easter basket or holiday decor. What's more, as crafts editorial director Hannah Milman explains, they're surprisingly easy to make. To begin, you'll need blown eggs. To blow them yourself, pierce one end of a raw egg with a pin, working over a bowl. Pierce the other end, and use the pin to enlarge the hole slightly and break the yolk. Blow out the insides using an egg-blowing tool or a rubber ear-syringe (available at pharmacies), forcing the contents of the egg out through the larger hole into the bowl. Do not let the liquid touch the shell. Rinse, and let dry.

To make the base color, in a small mixing bowl, combine 3 cups warm water, 20 drops food coloring, and 2 tablespoons vinegar (the vinegar will help the dye adhere to the eggs). Place the egg in the dye, and leave it submerged until it turns the desired shade. In a wide, shallow bowl, prepare a second batch of dye about 1/2 inch deep in a darker shade or contrasting color. Add 1 tablespoon olive oil, and run a fork through the mixture, creating curlicues of oil on the surface. As the oil swirls, place the dyed egg in the mixture, and roll it once around the bowl to pick up the oil streaks. Remove the egg, gently pat it with a paper towel, and let dry.

We used an Aunt Marge's egg blower from Polish Art Center. Egg blowers can also be found at most crafts stores.


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