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Leaf-Stencil Mirror

Source: Martha Stewart Living, November 2005


A mirror hung over a mantel is embellished with a stenciled overlay of glass. Ask a glazier to cut a sheet of glass and a mirror to fit inside frame.


  • Paper

  • Adhesive shelf liner

  • Scissors

  • Enamel paint

  • Bristle brush


  1. Enlarge templates to desired size, and trace onto paper; cut out. Cut adhesive shelf liner into a 10-inch-wide border for glass.

  2. Trace bamboo template on adhesive liner so it's parallel to an outside edge (3 inches in); the stem's end should be 1 inch from adjacent side. Flip template over and trace, abutting the bottom of the first (to create a node).

  3. With enamel paint and a bristle brush, paint over stencil onto glass, and let dry overnight; peel off. Bring to glazier for installation. For easy cleaning, the stenciled glass should face inward.

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