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Bulb-Planting Tools

The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 1177c

Here are some useful tools that all gardeners can use when planting bulbs.

Bulb Dibber
Very useful for planting small bulbs. Simply insert into soil, work from side to side to create hole, and insert bulb. Firm soil back together. The tip of a garden trowel can be used in the same manner.

Short- or Long-Handled Bulb Planter
Use for planting larger bulbs. Bore a hole into the ground to desired depth using the barrel of the planter. Insert bulb, and place plug of soil back into hole. Firm soil. A long-handled bulb planter will save your back digging, but you still need to get down there to plant. It also allows you to dig through tougher soil because you can use your foot for leverage.

Many times a shovel is your best bet if you are planting a large swath of bulbs. Dig one large hole, amend soil, and plant all your bulbs at once. This may not be the best option, however, in tightly planted gardens.

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