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Travel Grills

Martha Stewart Living, June 2006

Ideal for
If you like to camp or picnic, chances are you would enjoy a travel grill. This is also a smart choice if you have a small backyard or grill only a couple of times a year and don't want to make a big investment.

What to Know
Travel grills have smaller cooking surfaces than regular grills and may use charcoal or gas. The classic charcoal hibachi, a frills-free, lidless grill, produces powerful heat; because the fire is exposed to plenty of air, food cooks rapidly and flare-ups can be a concern. When properly cared for, a cast-iron hibachi will last years. Lidded travel charcoal grills are slightly easier to use. Travel gas grills are fueled by 14-ounce or one-pound propane canisters. The best ones are usually the heaviest, weighing as much as 41 pounds, and are equipped with fold-out side tables and legs.

$10 to $400

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