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Thumbtack Bulletin Board

A bulletin board is an essential tool in any home and, over the years, Martha has made a number of different examples. This latest uses a denim fabric to achieve a classic style. Size it up or down to suit your needs.

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


  • Homosote board (ours measured 24-inches-by-36-inches)

  • Denim fabric with lycra or other sturdy fabric

  • Staple gun

  • Elastic

  • Pencil

  • Ruler

  • Nail upholstery tacks

  • Mallet


  1. Measure and cut the fabric to the size of the board, adding 3 inches all around. Lay the fabric front-side down and center the board on top. Before stapling, cut away the excess fabric at the corners so the cloth will lie flat: Using scissors, make two slits in the fabric, one on either side of the board's corner, cutting to within 1/4 inch of the board. Cut away the bottom half of the hanging fabric. Repeat for the other corners.

  2. Starting on one end, double fold the fabric over the board, and with a staple gun, staple in place. Repeat on the opposite end and then the sides, making sure to stretch the fabric taut. At each corner, fold the corner fabric over the board and staple in place. Repeat for other corners.

  3. The squares on the face of the board can be any size you'd like but the width of each square should divide evenly with the length and width of the board; our squares measured 6 inches to result in 6 squares across and 4 squares down. With a pencil or ruler, mark 6-inch increments along the back of the board. Cut 3 pieces of elastic equal to the length of the board, and 5 for the width. Using the marks as a guide, staple elastic about 3 inches from the edge, leaving a little extra on the end. To double secure, loop the end back toward the edge and staple. Finish attaching all the elastic on one side. Repeat on opposite side, pulling the elastic taut. Attach the rest of the elastic for both the width and length of the board.

  4. With a mallet, nail the upholstery tacks at the points where the elastic instersects. Use a grid box to make sure the squares are even, or cut a template out of paper. Attach an eye hook and wire, and affix to the wall.

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