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In a sense, what makes Cooperstown's decorations special is the artful restraint of the designs. They are the handiwork of the Clark Foundation, a private charitable institution based in the village, which for 52 years has created and underwritten them. "We tend to stay with a very natural look, lots of pods and nuts and earth tones," says Mike Bouton, director of horticulture for the foundation's greenhouses, where the items are designed. More than a dozen sites are draped in evergreens and hung with wreaths.

The decorations take a month to install and utilize almost a mile of garlands made from a mix of evergreens. Still, a chaste sophistication prevails: Displays use only clear fairy lights. Even though Bouton and his team experiment yearly, certain decorations have become annual standards. "I think I'd be tarred and feathered if I tried to change some things," he says.

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Discover Other Winter Wonderlands Across The United States

Natchez, Mississippi

Antebellum architecture and modern-day decor compete for attention during Natchez, Mississippi's annual holiday festival. The highlight of the season is the city's candlelit tours.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Countless farolitos line the Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe, New Mexico during the holiday season each year, lending further merriment to the city's celebratory bonfires and ornamented trees.

Kansas City, Missouri

"Merry" and "bright" are the watchwords in Kansas City, Missouri during December, when Country Club Plaza is set ablaze in the glow of 280,000 lights.

Portland, Oregon

Seafarers flock to Portland's shores during the holidays to observe the city's many bedecked boats.

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