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Homemade Gardening Tools

The Martha Stewart Show, March 2010

What better way to plant a beautiful garden than by using tools you made yourself?

Seed Sower
Tools and Materials

  • 1/2-inch plywood
  • 3/4-by-3/8-inch molding
  • Tools for measuring and cutting wood: ruler, pencil, saw
  • Drill with 1/16-inch drill bit
  • Wood glue
  • Hammer
  • 1 1/4-inch nails
  • Two handles with attachment hardware

Seed Sower How-To
1. Cut a piece of 1/2-inch plywood to 20 by 9 11/16 inches. Cut seven 20-inch-long pieces of 3/4-by-3/8-inch molding.

2. Mark spacing on plywood for molding pieces: 1/2-inch from each long edge and 1 inch apart.

3. Drill 5 pilot holes through the width of each piece of molding with a 1/16-inch drill bit. Glue molding in place as marked on plywood.

4. Hammer 1 1/4-inch nails through pilot holes to secure molding to plywood.

5. Flip plywood over, and attach handles at an angle for comfort of use.

Potting Stick
Tools and Materials

  • Broom handle
  • Saw
  • Woodworking knife

Potting Stick How-To
1. Saw handle into 7-inch pieces.

2. Whittle both ends of each piece down to points with a woodworking knife.

All tools and materials are available at home-improvement stores.

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