organized entryway

No one will mind slipping out of street shoes and into some cozy slippers or a comfortable pair of socks.

Give 'em the Slippers

Keep a few pairs of different size slippers (some more unisex than others) on hand to offer your guests.

Sock It to Them

A supply of footies (with skid-resistant soles) or cotton bobby socks (slip-proofed with puffy fabric paint) is a less expensive (and more machine-washable) option than slippers.

ExerSocks, $10,

Fabric puffy paint by Tulip, $1.50,

Fix-It Fixes

No, you may not in good conscience ask the cable repairman to take off his boots, but you can ask him to slip on a pair of these surgical-supply shoe covers.

Shoe covers, $45 to $50 for 150 pairs,

Comments (8)

Martha Stewart Member
June 29, 2017
Good idea. Thank you for your post.
Martha Stewart Member
January 23, 2012
I can't agree more. We all take our shoes off and wear slippers and we ask our guests to do the same.
Martha Stewart Member
June 9, 2009
What happened to the templates that were part of the original Blueprint article? The ones for the cute little signs?
Martha Stewart Member
February 10, 2009
Does anyone know the name of the wall color in this photo?
Martha Stewart Member
January 5, 2009
This always baffles me, as here in Canda it would be unheard of NOT to take one's shoes off when you enter a home!!!
Martha Stewart Member
September 27, 2008
this is a neat idea would it be inapropriate to ask them to take the shoes off if its a formal party???
Martha Stewart Member
August 13, 2008
I love this idea... in theory! I have two dogs at home, and I know that many people think of dogs as being dirty. We always wipe off muddy paws and vacuum and shampoo our carpets regularly. But I'm so worried people will be offended by a request to remove shoes when there are dogs running around. Anyone else have thoughts about this?
Martha Stewart Member
January 3, 2008
Great ideas, especially the covers for the repairman's boots. You can also purchase the litle throw away covers at a medical supply store that they give you in the hospital and theya re less expensive.