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Bandanna Clothing Crafts: Beachcomber Apron and Necktie

Make carefree days even sunnier by creating fun-to-wear children's play-clothes out of colorful bandannas. The projects here are easy for anyone with basic sewing skills.

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 8 2003


  • 22-inch yellow bandanna

  • 1 1/2 yards white rope trim

  • For necktie: Sewing kit

  • For necktie: Two four-inch-wide strips cut from a bandanna


  1. Fold and position bandanna as shown. Measure 4 inches from tip of top corner; cut off corner for a pocket. Hem raw edges of pocket and neckline.

  2. Topstitch pocket in place. To create casings for apron ties, fold over by 1 inch two edges adjacent to neckline; stitch in place. Use a safety pin to snake rope through casing from corner to corner, leaving extra at neck.

  3. Dress-up doesn't have to mean button-down. Create a casual tie out of two 4-inch-wide strips cut from a bandanna. Sew strips end-to-end to create one long piece; press hems in short ends. Fold this piece lengthwise, wrong side out; stitch along long edge. Turn right side out, press, and you're ready to dress your kid for dinner!

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