Peter Glassman, owner of Books of Wonder, the oldest -- and the only -- independent children's book store in New York City, put together a selection of books that encourage children's imaginations and creativity.

"Diary of a Fly"

"Diary of a Fly" is a book by Doreen Cronin and Harry Bliss. The book is the diary of a fly recounting his daily experiences. Children get to imagine what it would be like to be another creature, even as they identify with Fly having to go to school and listen to his parents.

"The Mysteries of Harris Burdick"

"The Mysteries of Harris Burdick" by Chris Van Allsburg is one of the most imaginative books around. Each spread features the title of a story, a dazzling full-page black-and-white illustration, and a caption to go with it -- but nothing more. It's up to the reader to create their own story to go along with the story title, illustration, and caption.

"Who is Melvin Bubble?"

"Who is Melvin Bubble?" was written and illustrated by Nick Bruel, a former staff member at Books of Wonder. The book starts with Melvin's best friend asking Nick to write a book to help people get to know Melvin. Everyone weighs in on just who Melvin Bubble is and, of course, they all have different answers. It's a funny book that gets kids thinking about how people see them in different ways.

"Could You? Would You?"

"Could You? Would You?" is a book to tickle your imagination by Trudy White. It's a book of questions for adults and children to read together and explore their answers and discover what they think about the world.

"Not a Stick"

"Not a Stick" is a picture book by Antoinette Portis, where a child imagines that his stick is anything and everything but the stick everyone else insists it is. It helps children see beyond the obvious or literal and into the vast resources of their imaginations, allowing them to discover that their own ideas and personal vision is as valid and important as anyone else's.


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Special Thanks

Special thanks to Peter Glassman for sharing these special books and to Harper Collins, Houghton Mifflin Publishing, Roaring Brook Press, Joanna Cotler Books, and Kane Miller Book Publishers for providing the studio audience with a copy of each featured book.

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Martha Stewart Member
February 27, 2008
Books of Wonder is a fabulous book story for children and adults. They host wonderful events such as book signings, illustrator