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Wreath Hanger

Wreaths add flair to virtually any room, but hanging them on doors or armoires with nails or tacks can ruin the wood. Using decorative copper hangers that hook over your doors is one way to solve this problem.

Source: Martha Stewart


Hangers like these are easy to make from little more than strips of copper and silicon-carbide sandpaper, both of which can be purchased at local hardware stores. The warm color of the copper complements greenery well, and because it's so soft and malleable, the copper can be easily bent into the appropriate length for the wreath you are hanging.


  • 16-ounce 18-by-1-inch strip of copper, or 16-ounce copper sheet

  • Metal ruler (optional)

  • Utility knife (optional)

  • Brayer (optional)

  • Silicon-carbide sandpaper


  1. If you are cutting the copper yourself, score it several times along a metal ruler with a utility knife to release the strip from the rest of the sheet. If the strip curls at the edges, use a brayer to flatten it. Sand down any sharp edges on the strip.

  2. Measuring 2 inches from one end of the strip, bend the strip, folding it straight over to get it as flat as you can. Bend the strip again, 2 inches from the first fold, to form the hook.

  3. Set the wreath on the hook, and hold it up against the door to determine where you want it to hang. Remove the wreath.

  4. Holding the strip against the door, bend the top of the strip over the door, creasing it so it forms a 90-degree angle. Then, bend it down the back of the door.

  5. Place the wreath on the hook.

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