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Unique Plants

The Martha Stewart Show, March 2008

Tony Avent, the owner of Plant Delights Nursery, brought along some of his new and unusual plants.

Diamond Head: Colocasia esculenta
Elena: Colocasia esculenta
Blue Hawaii: Colocasia esculenta
Hilo Bay: Colocasia esculenta
Stretch Marks: Aspidistra patentiloba
Kissho Kan: Agave

How to Propagate Agave
You propagate this by drilling out the center of the agave, releasing the internal hormone control that tells the plant not to pup. With its central nervous system gone, it will pup like crazy. New plants form in six to nine months months and can then be potted. The technique will also work on yuccas and hostas.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Tony Avent for sharing this information with us and for giving everyone in the studio audience a copy his Plant Delights Nursery catalog.

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