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Eco-Style: Sara Snow

Body+Soul, November 2008

For Sara Snow, promoting the earth-friendly lifestyle comes naturally: She's a green expert and adviser for the Discovery network's newest channel, Planet Green. And as the daughter of Eden Foods cofounder Tim Redmond, Snow was raised on meals centered on organic ingredients -- and discussions about sustainable living. 

"I always get asked if I grew up wanting to throw in the towel and just have a Twinkie," says Snow. "But, truthfully, the lessons my parents taught really empowered me." 

Since then, Snow has put her background to good use. In 2005, she created the green TV series "Living Fresh," followed by "Get Fresh with Sara Snow," which airs on Discovery Health and FitTV. Her message? Simple green living. "Many people feel powerless when it comes to global warming, but it's not about tackling one big thing on your own," she explains. "It's about living a life in which you're mindful of the impact you have." Here, the sustainable-style maven dishes on her eco-must-haves.

Bamboo Bracelets Snow indulges in John Hardy's bamboo-inspired silver jewelry. For each piece purchased, anywhere from three to 26 bamboo seedlings are planted on Nusa Penida, a small island off the coast of Bali, to help with reforestation efforts. (

Recycled Glassware
What Snow loves about the Green Glass Company is that each glass still resembles the bottle it's repurposed from. "They make great gifts," she says, "which gives me the perfect opportunity to start a conversation about recycling." (

Yerba Mate Since she quit drinking java a few years ago, Snow substitutes loose Guayaki Yerba Mate for coffee. "It offers a milder buzz. Rather than make you feel jittery, it hones your focus." (

Natural Cleaner
Getting the house spick-and-span doesn't have to require a different product for every job. Snow looks to Shaklee's nontoxic Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate to scrub everything from the stove to mirrors. (

Petroleum-Free Lipstick
With a tube made from corn and packaging that sprouts wildflowers when you plant it, Cargo's line of PlantLove lipstick is a beautiful thing for the planet. For a natural look, Snow keeps her favorite daytime sheer color, Lola, close at hand. (

Vegan Bag Carrying a tote that holds everything -- and passes the style bar -- is a must. Snow's green solution? Vamp's sustainable and animal-friendly purses and laptop cases, which make use of postconsumer and 100 percent recyclable materials. (

Green Shoes
A combination of old-school style, innovative ecomaterials, and recycled packaging makes Simple Shoes a cut above, according to Snow. She slips on a pair of these comfortable "Toepaz-Hemp" togs for kicking around the house or hitting the road. (

Organic Jeans
Finding that perfect pair of jeans is tough, but Snow has settled on a wear-'em-out favorite: the 100 percent organic "Kharma" jeans from Loomstate. "They're so soft -- they fit like a dream." (

Sustainable Flowers
To brighten her home and bring a little nature indoors, Snow relies on blooms from Organic Bouquet. In addition to not harming the planet, they stay fresh for a really long time -- another reason Snow covets them. (

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