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Wrapping Japanese Style

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Decorative wrapping paper

  • Double-sided tape

  • Water brush

  • Mizuhiki paper cord


  1. Measure paper to the size of your gift box. Set the paper diagonally, and adjust placement by pulling the last corner (farthest from you) up and over the top of the box to find the best position. Then, return the paper to a flattened position.

  2. Fold the corner closest to you up and over the box. Pull in the two sides and secure with double-sided tape, if necessary. Finish with the corner farthest from you.

  3. Make a band from another sheet of paper. Using the water brush, draw a line from the top of the paper to the bottom, 3 inches in from one side of the sheet. With hands firmly positioned on each side of the wet line, slowly tear the paper to create a deckled (rough) edge. Repeat this process for the other side of the sheet to create the deckled band.

  4. Wrap the band all the way around the box and secure with double-sided tape.

  5. Wrap 3 or 5 strands of Mizuhiki paper cord around the outside of the band and tie in a square knot; Japanese tradition calls for the use of 3 or 5 strands, as 4 is considered to be bad luck.

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