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Nourishing Skin and Hair

The Martha Stewart Show, January 2008

It is easy for skin and hair to become dry and damaged. Low temperatures, low humidity, and strong, harsh winds deplete the skin of the moisture in its natural barrier layer that keeps it from drying out. When you are indoors, skin loses moisture because of the dry environment created by indoor heating. All of this can cause dull, flaky, dry skin and brittle, frizzy hair. The key to looking great in cold weather is hydration.

Hydrating Skin and Hair
Use a Humidifier
Once the relative humidity drops below 60 percent, you should humidify to add moisture to the air in your home. The air in a room heated by a furnace can have as little as 10 percent moisture. To help combat this, sleep with the humidifier on and close the bedroom door. An alternative is to put a pot of water under your bed to add moisture to the air.

Take a Lukewarm Shower
Hot water robs the skin of moisture.

Take Supplements
Antioxidants can help cure dry skin.

Moisturize Dry and Oily Skin
Acne-prone skin needs moisture just as much as dry skin. Aloe Vera gel or Aloe Vera pills are a great way to add moisture without clogging pores.

Homemade Face Mask
1. Mash together one ripe banana and half of one ripe avocado.
2. Add 2 capsules (about a teaspoon) of Borage oil.
3. Mix in a blender.
4. Apply to face with a brush.
5. Leave on for 15 minutes.

Homemade Hair Mask
1. Add a few tablespoons of warm sesame oil to a few tablespoons of neem oil.
2. Apply oil to scalp, and massage into skin.
3. Brush through with a boar-bristle brush.
4. Wrap hair in a hot towel for 10 minutes or keep on overnight. If you keep the hair mask on overnight, use an inexpensive pillowcase that you don't mind getting messy.

Special Thanks
Thanks to beauty expert Eva Scrivo for sharing these tips for nourishing skin and hair.

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