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Company Perks: Office Desk Styles

Our editors open up their office doors (or, in some cases, cubicles) to share bright ideas that can transform your work space from standard-issue to pretty and unique.

Blueprint, September/October 2007

Thinking Outside the Box

Senior home editor Rebecca Robertson likes to fill her station with a collage of inspiring objects like ribbon bits, magazine tears, invitations, vintage candle holders, a market bag from Berlin, and old Henri Bendel hatboxes filled with fabric swatches.


Physical Therapy

Elizabeth Graves, editorial director of beauty, health, and fitness, needs her office to be physically comfortable: "Raising my monitor so I'm looking straight at the screen's center keeps my neck from craning, and elevating my feet on a stool under my desk takes pressure off my lower back."


Coloring Books

Katie Hatch, fashion editor, arranges her reference books by color. "I used to shelve them all by subject," she says, "but I have a visual memory, so it's easier for me to access a book I need by the way it looks than by what it's about."


Mess About

 There's a method to the messiness on senior editor Valerie Rain's desk. "I forget what I don't see," she explains. Instead of hiding work materials in boxes or drawers, she opts for transparent hanging file organizers and shelves, creating more surface space for the other to-do's that need tracking.

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