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Cache Pots

Martha Stewart Living

A pot can actually be more versatile without holes. If it is large, you have the option of placing a potted plant, still in its original nursery pot, inside it.

Cache Pots
The container pot, known as a ''cache pot,'' will collect the drainage water without the threat of it leaking out and damaging your wooden floors. And using the pot as a cache pot gives you added flexibility because you can take one potted plant out and replace it with another without any mess as the seasons change and blooms fade away. Place a couple of bricks on the bottom of the pot, and set your potted plant on top of the bricks to allow for drainage.

Adding Holes
And if you do decide to use the pot as a planter pot, you can always drill your own holes with a 1-inch drill bit. Martha makes three markings on their base of her pots to designate where she will drill holes. When potting your plant, cover each hole with a pottery shard to allow for slow drainage.

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