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Building Cookie Cottages: Tiny Tudor

This Tudor-style cottage "welcomes" you with a graham cracker mat.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2006


Built in the English Tudor tradition, this cottage boasts a stucco royal-icing exterior, pretzel-stick timbers, and a dark-brown roof and door made with chocolate graham crackers. Hazelnut rolled-wafer logs are heaped against one wall. Alphabet pasta spells out "welcome" on the graham cracker mat, and pasta numbers embellish the door, which has a pretzel knob. The fence -- pretzel sticks glued together with icing -- stands up when buried in drifts of coconut snow.


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  • Graham crackers

  • Serrated knife

  • Alphabet pasta

  • Pretzel sticks

  • Hazelnut rolled-wafer logs

  • Coconut shavings (optional)


  1. With a serrated knife, saw a graham cracker into 2 squares. Saw off top corners of another cracker to create a peaked roof; make 2.

  2. Pipe icing onto bottom and straight edges of a peaked piece. Place on an upside-down paper plate; use a small object, such as a spice jar, to prop it up. Repeat to pipe icing onto edges of a square piece, and adhere it to peaked cracker. Remove spice jar, and adhere other pieces with icing.

  3. Saw a cracker into 2 squares for the roof. If desired, spread icing onto roof pieces and decorate with candy; let dry. Pipe icing onto top edges of house, and adhere roof pieces.

  4. To display, place plates on a tray and cover with shredded coconut snow.

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