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Wreath-Making Kit

Wreaths are most often associated with Christmas, but they make beautiful decorations year-round. In fall, a door adorned with a pinecone wreath looks warm and inviting. In winter, a cranberry wreath offers a colorful contrast to white skies and bare trees. Satin rosebuds arranged on a ribbon-wrapped wreath add delicate detail to springtime events.

Why not keep a container filled with wreath-making supplies, which makes it convenient to experiment with seasonal materials? After a walk in the woods, try creating a wreath of cedar boughs you've gathered, or make a wreath using seashells you've collected at the beach. With a little imagination, you can create unusual decorations year-round.

Tools and Materials
Container or box
Small plastic containers for organizing wreath materials inside the container
Floral wire of various gauges, on paddles
Other wire, such as copper or brass
Wire snips
Mini snips
Pruning snips
Needle-nose pliers
Hot-glue gun
Glue sticks for gun
Extension cord
Floral tape in various colors
Screw eyes
Floral pins in different sizes
Straight pins
Craft glue
Fishing line
Hanging hardware, including picture hooks, D rings, and nails
Hanging tools
Raffia and ribbon

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