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Hometown Desserts

Martha Stewart Living, November 2005

Apple pie is certainly the most symbolic of American desserts, but it is far from being our only sweet icon. Travel around the United States and you'll discover a wide-ranging, colorful map of regional desserts. These timeless, alluring recipes might include a shoofly pie found at a tiny restaurant -- a roadside stand, even -- along a quiet byway in Pennsylvania, the spicy stack cake encountered at a friend's home in the hills of Kentucky, or a warm cranberry duff on the table as you come in from a cold New England night.

We describe these sweets as "hometown" because they reconnect us with memories of cherished places and people. Their rustic goodness also conjures images of domestic life in the small towns of old-time America: blue-tinted Mason jars, butter paddles, seasoned pie tins.

Embrace a family of delicious sweets that boast ties to American places and traditions.

Classic Shaker Lemon Tarts
Four-Layer Appalachian Stack Cake
Louisiana Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce
Southern Black Bottom Pie
New England Cranberry Duff
Pennsylvania Dutch Shoofly Pie


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