Make this the year you finally avoid the endless rounds of cold and flu. Prepare for the season now with must-have remedies, mealtime warm-ups, and simple lifestyle changes.

From lounging beside a crackling fire, cocoa in hand, to sledding beneath the crispest, bluest skies of the year, we revel in the many delights of winter. But the season's festive atmosphere has a flip side. The crowded indoor spaces and increased exposure to friends and family, coworkers, and holiday-shopping crowds makes winter prime time for sniffles, sore throats, and similar miseries.

That doesn't mean you have to get sick. Just as you prepare for the season by unpacking your wool sweaters, installing storm windows, and putting snow tires on your car, you can take precautions to protect your health. It starts with a subtle but essential mental shift: to align yourself with the season, rather than fight it. Tuning in to the season is easier (and cozier) than it sounds.

In fact, basic changes that are almost second nature in winter, like eating

comforting stews and

soups and going to bed early, can make a big difference to your health. Beyond tweaking your breakfast and bedtime, stocking your medicine shelf with a handful of immune-boosting herbs and supplements will help maintain your vitality and ensure your comfort when you do get sick.

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how to treat colds and flusGet these

flu fightersLearn how to

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