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Jazzy Jeans

Photography: Raphael Buchler

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Summer 2002


Adding rickrack monograms, fancy ruffles, or colorful felt appliques lets jeans do what they already do best: express the personality of their wearer.

Signature Style
To make a rickrack monogram, use a fabric marker or pencil to draw an initial about 1 inch above one cuff. Cut a length of cotton rickrack 1/2 inch longer than the initial.Turn each end under 1/4 inch, and glue entire initial over the outline.

Fun with Felt
Draw dots, butterflies, leaves, or other designs on washable felt, or trace simple clip-art shapes printed from a computer. Cut out. Use a running stitch (see how-to, below) to hold shapes in place, as well as to provide decorative details, such as the butterfly body and antennae, and the veins in the leaves. After sewing, dab edges of appliques with fabric glue to prevent curling.

Running Stitch How-To
Pass the needle in and out through the fabric (without pulling thread) several times, then gently pull the needle and thread; the stitches should be small. Repeat for the next stitches. At the end of your work, push the needle through to the back, and tie off.

Tuxedo Stripes
Jazz up a pair of blue jeans with vertical stripes of pretty woven cotton trim.

1. Measure the length from the waistband to the base of the hem; add 2 inches. Cut 2 pieces of trim to that length.

2. Apply a generous amount of fabric glue to the back of the trim, and press trim in place to cover the outer seam, folding 1 inch over the top of the waistband and under the bottom hem.

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