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Embellished Sandals

With summer in full swing, our favorite footwear is flip-flops or sandals.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, July 2007


Guest Marie Hejl demonstrated the following technique for embellishing Dr. Scholl's sandals and turning them into fashionable -- and functional -- works of art.

Resources: For the paints used in today's segment, go to You can get Dr. Scholl's women's wood sandals in many colors at and design your own unique footwear.

Special Thanks: Special thanks to Marie Hejl for demonstrating her technique for embellishing sandals. Also, thanks to Dr. Scholl's for providing each member of our audience with a pair of exercise sandals.


  • Basic sandpaper

  • Blue painter's tape (3 mm)

  • White paper, optional

  • 1-inch sponge brush

  • Acrylic paint, different colors

  • Sheer glossy varnish


  1. Using a square of basic sandpaper, rub and wipe off Dr. Scholl's logo.

  2. Place blue painter's tape along sole edge of shoe and where leather meets wood on strap (use 3 mm tape). You can also cut a small piece of white paper, folded into a square, tape it to strap.

  3. Using a 1-inch sponge brush, apply acrylic paint over entire wood surface. Apply 3 coats, letting dry about 20 minutes between coats. Let dry overnight.

  4. Starting at heel, apply strips of painter's tape across sandal, pressing firmly along edges.

  5. Using a sponge brush, apply a different color of acrylic paint to each exposed part of the sandal.

  6. Remove tape.

  7. Using a sponge brush, apply 3 coats sheer glossy varnish over entire painted surface. Let dry 4 to 6 hours.

  8. Remove tape from sandals.

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