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No-Sew Tulle Ghost Costume

Seven layers of white nylon netting gathered at the neck with seam binding make an apparition as light as air.

Source: Halloween 2000, Fall 2000


  • Scissors

  • White tulle

  • Yarn needle

  • White yarn, ribbon, or seam binding

  • Glow-in-the-dark paint


  1. Measure the wearer's height, double it, and cut about 7 lengths (depending on desired degree of transparency) of white tulle to that measurement. Tulle comes in 54-inch and 72-inch standard widths; we used 108-inch width from a specialty store.

  2. Stack lengths of tulle; mark center point of one long edge to indicate top of hood. Measure from shoulder to shoulder over head of wearer, add 3 inches, and divide by 2.

  3. Measure that distance from center point on tulle to make an arc. Mark arc with pins at 3- to 4-inch intervals.

  4. For the tie, thread a yarn needle with 3 yards of white yarn, ribbon, or seam binding. Weave through all layers along arc, leaving ends for ties.

  5. To finish, shred top 2 layers of cape, tumble briefly in a hot dryer, or apply glow-in-the-dark paint.

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