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Kindling Keeper

Decorating Good Things 2007, Special Issue Fall 2007

Good-looking garden planters don't have to hibernate all winter. Arranged along a hearth, the containers take their turn as eye-catching elements indoors. In glazed terra cotta or another heat-resistant material, the pots provide a perfect place to stow spilt logs, kindling, and aromatic enhancements, such as dried lavender and pinecones.

Kindling Keeper How-To
1. Look for pots in coordinating textures and tones, but consider pieces in different shapes and sizes to add a pleasing visual rhythm to your fireside.

2. Before bringing pots indoors, clean them with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. If pots have caked-on dirt, soak them until it loosens and then wipe it off. Rinse them again in the spring before using them for plants.

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