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Glossary of Begonias

The Martha Stewart Show, Volume 148 March 2006

Begonia 'Northern Lights': Reaches only 12 to 14 inches, white flowers in winter.

'Hocking Wink': Compact grower, winter flowering with clusters of pink blossoms.

bowerae var. nigramarga: Very dwarf, known as the "eyelash begonia."

echinosepala: Fragrant white flowers in summer, shrubby habit.

'Thurstonii': Shrubby type with maroon-red flowers in June.

venosa: Fragrant white flowers, prefers drier soil.

'Rex Cultorum': These begonias are grown for their wildly colored foliage.

'Enech': Forms a small plant with white flowers.

'Snowcap': A cane type; pink flowers accent metallic freckles.

'Hocking Grisaille': Large clusters of pale-green flowers.

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