Tools and Materials

Large deep bin

Prepared pulp mixture

Mold and deckle


Stainless steel tray



Felt wool

Plant fibers


Palm Paper How-To

1. Fill a large deep bin 3 to 4 inches high with water, then add prepared pulp mixture and mix by hand to disperse fiber and dissolve clumps

2. Pre-wet mold and deckle before dipping.

3. In a fluid motion, submerge mold and deckle into prepared vat with pulp and water mixture; be sure you capture pulp evenly on paper mold.

3. Lift and shake back and forth to spread evenly.

4. Transfer mold and deckle to a tray and allow to drain for about 10 minutes.

5. Remove deckle (frame) from swap.

6. Cover a large, flat, stainless steel tray with felt wool and interface; moisten both materials before transferring pulp to pellon.

7. Place presoaked plant fibers on a base sheet of abaca. (The fibers will meld with the pulp if they are soaked in advance for 24 hours.) Use a squeeze bottle with pulp mixture to fill in gaps, if necessary.

8. Line up mold and flip onto plant fibers; push on mold and apply pressure, then lift mold.

9. Cover abaca with partially moist interface and allow to dry for 24 hours.

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