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Homemade Bookplates

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2002


A bookplate indicates a volume's rightful owner -- and helps to ensure its safe return from borrowers. It also adds a personal touch to a treasured book, and requires little time to make. We have created bookplates that you can use to customize your library. Simply download these designs. Each is marked Ex Libris, meaning "from the library of."


  • 67-pound paper stock, in a white, cream, or neutral tone

  • Acid-free glue stick

  • Scissors


  1. Download our template, and print using a color printer. Cut around the red dotted line.

  2. In the appropriate space, handwrite your name. Allow ink to dry.

  3. Use an acid-free glue stick (or acid-free double-sided tape) on the back of the bookplate; then carefully smooth it onto the right side of the book's endpaper. Or box a stack of blank bookplates and gift-wrap them for a friend.

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