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Labels and Stickers

Martha Stewart Kids, 2002

Label Supplies
CDs to decorate
CD or office label
CD sleeves, cases, or envelopes

Use kids' drawings and designs to create packaging for CDs. To design a label, scan family photos or kids' drawings into a computer; use a graphics program to isolate them, or position them on label templates (some CD label kits include software for this). Print onto CD label, or print regular office labels to stick on jewel cases.

Sticker Supplies
Glass jars

What's the perfect way to label a gift of preserves or candy? With homemade stickers and tape, of course. Scan artwork, then center the images on sticker or label templates according to the manufacturer's formatting instructions. To make patterned tape, print stripes, dots, or designs onto full-page office labels; cut into strips. Kids can make extra sheets of stickers to give their friends.


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