Credit: Victoria Pearson

What It Does

Using a Hula-Hoop may seem like child's play, but it requires coordination, drawing on all the dynamic muscles of your core, particularly ones you don't regularly use.

How to Do It

Stand with your feet firmly on the ground and the Hula-Hoop around your waist.

With the hoop up against your back and your hands holding on to the sides, throw the hoop to the right and catch it with your hips, rotating your hips to keep the hoop circling high around your waist.

Aim to keep the hoop going for about three minutes. And have fun!


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Comments (2)

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Martha Stewart Member
May 9, 2011
hooping changed my life, but you need to let people know where to go to get the correct hoop (which is totally not pictured). Some great resources: all of these places are great for getting started with the right hoop, the right teachers, and the best instructions. getting a hoop from Target or Walgreens is a waste of time and probably will be demotivating too. you need around 40-42 inches and around a pound.