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Matador Costume

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Fall 2003


This senorita sports a crisp white shirt, a satin ribbon tie, capri pants worn over pink tights, and a pair of black ballet slippers. Gold trim decorates the pants and shirt; it can be glued or sewn on. The proud bullfighter's hairstyle (a bun above each ear) echoes the contours of the traditional matador's cap.


  1. The matador cape should fall to just above the ankle. You will need cotton broadcloth in pink and yellow. Make the cape as instructed in theĀ Basic Cape Directions. Then make the ruffle:

  2. Cut an 18-inch square from remnants of outer and lining fabrics. Fold in fourths, and draw curved lines on them with string and a fabric marker, making the first curve 1 1/2 inches from the corner and the second 9 inches. Pin, and cut along both lines.

  3. Unfold, and stack circles, right sides facing. Cut along a fold line from outer edge to center. Pin, and stitch around inner and outer edges and straight edges, leaving a small gap in the outer edge.

  4. Turn right side out through the gap, and hand-sew gap closed.

  5. Lay ruffle on cape with yellow linings facing up, and sew together at neckline. Flip the ruffle over so both pink sides are facing out and seam is concealed; iron. Matadors don't tie their capes on; they drape them over a shoulder.

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