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Jungle Diorama

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 7 2003


  • Acrylic paint

  • Woven moss

  • Magazine picture

  • Rocks

  • Sticks

  • Green paper

  • Grass

  • Twig

  • Foliage


  1. We made our jungle out of toy packaging; you can cut your own frame from cardboard and tape or glue it to a box.

  2. Paint box with acrylic paint to cover the printing. Line bottom of box with woven moss. Glue a magazine picture inside as a background.

  3. Cut animal images out of magazines, and glue to rocks, sticks, or box itself.

  4. To make grass stand up, fold a 1-inch-wide strip of green paper lengthwise, and glue real blades of grass to one side sticking up from fold; stand grass assembly in box, and weight with a rock.

  5. Cut a twig 1/4 inch longer than the box is wide, wedge across box, and hot-glue. Glue foliage to box.

  6. Hang Spanish moss from the corners. Glue or set animals in place.

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