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Hanging a Hammock

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


To hang one in your yard, all you need are two sturdy trees spaced about 15 feet apart or two posts driven into the ground and cemented in place. Two tall trees with high boughs are especially suited for this project, as the branches will form a canopy above the hammock, providing comfortable shade on hot days.

Martha's hammock is made of three-ply cotton rope, so it's durable enough to last many years, as long as it is brought indoors during the winter and bad weather. A hammock like this one comes with all the necessary hardware for hanging.


  1. Simply drill a hole into each tree, about 5 feet off the ground, using a 3/8-inch drill bit.

  2. Then, screw a sturdy 1/2-inch screw eye with a hook attached into the hole.

  3. Tighten it in place using a screwdriver for leverage. Repeat this process on the other tree. (Don't worry about hurting the trees by drilling holes; they will heal around the foreign object.)

  4. Now, hang your hammock on the hooks, and it will be ready to use. If the distance between the trees is a bit too far, add an S-hook or length of chain to one end to compensate. If the distance is too short, simply hang your hammock higher.

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