Before air-conditioning, people cooled off in summer in part by adjusting their personal routines. Some of their strategies are still useful.

Watch What You Consume

Drink plenty of liquids, but limit caffeine and alcohol. Enjoy spicy foods and even hot herbal tea; they make you perspire, which cools you down.

Wear Loose Clothing

Choose cotton, linen, or similar breathable fibers, and avoid anything synthetic.

Pare Down Furnishings

Roll up carpets, and store heavy drapes for the summer. These items hold moisture, making a space hotter and air conditioners, if you use them, work harder.

Avoid Chilly Places

If you don't have air-conditioning at home, that is. Abrupt changes in temperature will only make the heat seem hotter. Why not just find a shady spot with a nice breeze, and relax for a while?

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Martha Stewart Member
June 23, 2008
Can anyone help find a source of a non-synthetic culotte half slip? I have trouble finding petite culotte slips--and synthetics are murder in the Arizona heat. Thank you!