How You'll Feel the Next Day

You're bound to be a little sore in your calf muscles, thighs, and hamstrings. If you can't walk down stairs without wincing, give your body a break for a few days. Otherwise, jog through it. "Research shows that doing a light workout, not quite as intense as your usual one, helps your body recover faster," Hachadoorian says. In a week or two, your body will start to adapt.

How To Take It To The Next Level

Sign up for a race, such as a 5K, with the simple goal of finishing without walking. The long-term goal will give you something to work toward each week, and the camaraderie and energetic vibe of race day will get you hooked (to find events in your area, log on to or And you could also consider training with a local club.

How To Stay Motivated

If the repetitive pound-pound-pound gets boring when running outside, set a visual goal. Focus on a landmark in front of you, like a street sign or pond. Once you reach it, pick another. "It's a great trick that helps you lose track of how long you've been out," Hachadoorian says. Relegated to the treadmill? Great tunes are a must. Download a mix of favorite songs that motivate you (see our suggested list below), or download a running workout with a personal coach, such as iTread ($4 to $8, Consider logging your miles, too. You can measure a route online by using a free mapping tool such as Track & Field's maps (log on to, or try

Sample Playlist

Download this playlist here*

*The below playlist requires itunes software.

Warm Up (5:10)

Sergio Mendes

"Yes, Yes Y'all"


The Strokes

"You Only Live Once"


Kings of Leon

"The Bucket"


The Raconteurs

"Steady, As She Goes"


Franz Ferdinand

"Do You Want To"


KT Tunstall

"Suddenly I See"


Daniel Bedingfield

"Gotta Get Thru This"




Down (5:33)

My Morning Jacket

"Off the Record"


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