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Rickrack Stocking

Photography: Maura McEvoy

Source: Martha Stewart Living


Line the mantel -- or a child's bed -- with colorful handmade stockings that invite stuffing. These felt socks, cut with scallop scissors, are embellished with rickrack zigzags or blooms. You can scatter the blossoms or cluster them in a cuff.

Our icicle-inspired stocking (center) is striped with frosty-silver and icy-green trim. Create holly leaves with fabric stiffener; for berries, roll up pieces of trim, and secure ends with glue.


  • Felt

  • Fabric glue

  • Rickrack zigzags or blooms

  • Ruler

  • Needle

  • Clear thread

  • Disappearing ink pen

  • Pin

  • Scallop scissors


  1. Decorate the felt before you cut out the stocking. Gluing rickrack in place makes it a snap to sew; dot trim's points with fabric glue, and, using a ruler to keep a straight line, lay rickrack on felt.

  2. Let the glue dry and then sew rickrack onto felt with clear thread.

  3. Layer decorated piece on plain; outline our stocking template with disappearing-ink pen; pin.

  4. Stitch perimeter.

  5. Cut out stocking with scallop scissors, leaving a 1/4-inch border.

  6. Sew on felt loop and any additional decorations.

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