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Taste Test: Tomato Sauce

Nothing beats homemade pasta sauce the way Ma used to make it. But modern-day realities often don't allow for hours of simmering, so now a good jar of tomato sauce is a pantry staple. We sampled 10 national, organic tomato-basil sauces and declared these jars rigatoni-worthy.

Starletta (far left)
Summer Basil
A hearty, garlicky sauce, it's incredibly flavorful and richly textured. And it should be -- Starletta comes straight from the homeland. Naples, to be precise.

Seeds of Change (center)
Summer Tomato Basil
Not too chunky and not too smooth, the tomato and herb flavors are just right in this fresh, tangy sauce, making it perfect for all types of pasta.

Muir Glen (far right)
Tomato Basil
Sweetness, spice, and slow-cooked taste -- with the tiniest hint of fennel -- make this jar stand out. So do its visible flakes of oregano and basil.

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