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Christmas Tree Stockings

Source: Martha Stewart Living, Volume 17 December/January 1993/1994


Brimming with gifts on Christmas morning, beautifully decorated handmade stockings are a delight to wake up to. But they can do much more than hold gifts: Miniature boot-shaped stockings can be used as ornaments for the tree or to decorate a package -- they can even be turned into Advent calendars.

Felt is a classic Christmas-stocking material, and it's also a pleasure to work with; it won't slip or snag when sewn, and since it never unravels, it doesn't need to be hemmed. If you want decorative edging, you can easily add it to seams and cuffs with pinking shears. A size-fourteen needle and 100-percent-polyester thread give the best results on a sewing machine. Also consider less traditional materials for your stockings: Cashmere stockings adorned with handmade feathered birds are luxurious, and even worn blankets and old sweaters can be given new life as beautiful heirloom stockings.


  • Scissors

  • Ecru felt

  • Disappearing ink pen

  • Pin

  • Size-fourteen needle

  • 100-percent polyester thread

  • Sewing machine

  • Pinking shears

  • Vintage glass buttons

  • Ribbon


  1. Trace one of our stocking templates onto two layers of ecru felt.

  2. Pin the layers together, and sew around the perimeter, using a 1/2-inch seam allowance and leaving the top open.

  3. Trim seams with pinking shears.

  4. To make the trees, trace our evergreen template onto several shades of green felt. Cut out with scissors, then trim edges with pinking shears.

  5. Decorate with vintage glass buttons sewn on with thread in a contrasting color, then tacked onto the stocking with a few stitches. Add a ribbon or felt loop for hanging.

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