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Honey Bunny Bookmark

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, March 2007


  • Thick paper

  • Self-seal laminate sheets

  • Scissors or utility knife

  • White chenille pipe cleaners

  • Wire clippers

  • Hole punch

  • Photo of child


  1. Print Honey bunny bookmark template onto thick paper.

  2. Laminate both sides of paper using self-seal laminate sheets.

  3. Cut out bookmark.

  4. Wrap white chenille stems around arms, ears, and head of cutout.

  5. Clip with wire clippers, and tuck in ends when finished.

  6. To make the head, use an inch and a half hole punch to make a disk from the same sheet of paper used to cut out the template.

  7. Use hole punch to make a hole in center of the disk.

  8. Twist white chenille pipe cleaners through hole in disk.

  9. Cut out picture of child using inch and a half hole punch.

  10. Apply glue to back of photo and attach photo to disk.

  11. Apply glue to edge of disk and attach to body.

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