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Spiderweb Plate

Give your plates a spectacularly spooky look with this spiderweb craft.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, October 2009


  • Large glass plate or platter

  • Tape

  • Glass or acrylic paint

  • Household oven


  1. Print spiderweb template, roughly resizing to fit your plate.

  2. Tape template face down onto front of clear glass plate, and flip plate over so you are working on the back. (Do not apply paint to front of plate where food will be placed.)

  3. Trace the lines with glass paint.

  4. Let paint dry 24 hours. Bake plate in a household oven, according to paint manufacturer's instructions, to set the design.

    Tip: Acrylic paint is a removable alternative. If you use acrylic paint, skip the baking step. Paint can be washed or scraped off after the holiday.

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