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Italian Reds

Everyday Food, Volume 30 March 2006

Nothing goes better with a spaghetti dinner than a simple Italian wine.

Why Choose Italian?
In most wine shops the Italian section offers a good selection of medium-bodied reds that are lively and fruity enough to complement the tomato and garlic used in many classic Italian- American dishes. These wines range in price from around $8 to $15.

Tuscan Favorites
The Italian reds that are best known in the United States come from Tuscany. The softest and simplest of these are made entirely from the food-friendly Sangiovese grape and are labeled as such; the rest are often blended with other varieties. The most popular of these blends, Chianti, is named after Tuscany's celebrated wine-producing region. It is easy to enjoy, with a fresh berry taste and fragrance. Chianti Classico Riserva is spicier and more concentrated, but a little more expensive. A good Rosso di Montalcino, from south of the Chianti region, has a pleasant plum character.

From Piedmont
Piedmont wines that are made from the Barbera grape are lush and smooth, often with a hint of chocolate.

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