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Silk Scarf

This one-of-a-kind silk scarf is the perfect gift for any fashionista.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show


  • China silk

  • Silk transfer paper

  • Color laser printer or copier

  • Iron

  • Shallow container (for water bath)

  • Ironing cloth or muslin

  • Parchment paper

  • Needle

  • Invisible thread


  1. Choose your silk and desired size for your scarf. (Martha used a piece measuring 22 1/2 inches by 22 1/2 inches.)

  2. Download and print the designs (garland templates 1 and 2) onto silk transfer paper using a color laser printer or copier. This process will not work with printouts from an ink-jet printer.

  3. To transfer pattern to silk, place pattern on table facing up. Place silk on top of paper, and gently brush hot iron over pattern until paper sticks to silk. Larger designs take longer to fall off. If you are creating a border print, add design in sections.

  4. Gently lift scarf and place edge gently into a warm-water bath, paper side down. Let soak until paper falls off (do not agitate or ink will smudge). Repeat bath and heat setting each time you add a piece. To avoid water marks, submerge entire piece once the final design is applied.

  5. Remove silk and carefully place facedown on ironing cloth or muslin.

  6. Dry wet portion of silk with a cool iron (wool/silk setting).

  7. Flip scarf and put parchment paper on top of design.

  8. Brush with hot iron to heat-set ink.

  9. Using invisible thread and a very tight straight stitch, sew a barrier to suit your desired fringe length (Martha used a 1-inch border). Pull threads on the edge of the scarf leading to the barrier. Repeat until you have a beautiful fringe.

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