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Pocketbook Organizer with Hosanna

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Even the meticulously organized find themselves digging in the bottom of their handbags for their keys, credit cards, or cell phones. Of course, they know these items are in there, but they just can't seem to find them. This clever and easy-to-make pouch will keep such smaller objects accessible and ensure that they don't fall to the bottom of your bag. You can use virtually any fabric you like for this project, although you may want to choose a stiffer material; 1/2 yard should yield about five pouches.

Tools and Materials
12-by-13-inch rectangle of fabric
Coordinating thread
Bulldog clips (optional)
30-inch length of twine (optional)

Pocketbook Organizer How-To
1. Fold and sew the long end of the fabric at 1/4 inch. Fold the opposite side down 3 inches, and pin. Sew the folded edge of the 3-inch folded side about 1/8 inch from the fold. Sew the bottom of this folded piece about 1/8 inch from the fold.

2. Fold the end, with a small seam, up 3 inches. To achieve a clean side edge, use a double fold. If the material appears bulky, you can use bulldog clips. If you want to roll your organizer up and tie it, insert a 30-inch length of twine into the fold. Slowly sew the folded side about 1/4 inch from the edge, removing the clips before you get to them.

3. To create individual pockets, measure the size (4 inches for compact, 2 3/4 inches for cell phone, 2 1/2 inches for credit card), and mark the length with a pin. (The remaining space can be used for pens and pencils). Sew a straight seam at the pin markings, and fill the pouch.

Special thanks to style editor Hosanna Houser for sharing this craft. We used fabric from Seattle Fabrics.

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