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Fruited Branches with Jerry

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The next time you prune an apple tree, a blueberry bush, or a tomato plant, think about bringing your cuttings indoors.

Jerry Bolduan of Green Valley Growers uses a magnificent assemblage of flowering branches from fruit trees and bushes to create a most unusual floral arrangement. He draws inspiration from still-life paintings of the Dutch Masters, whose compositions often included flowers, insects, and fruit. This arrangement is actually a cornucopia -- branches of green crab apple, horse chestnut, persimmon, and quince; canes of blackberry, and vines of tomato and green grape -- arranged in an antique minnow bucket.

Fruited branches have both beauty and longevity on their side. Branches last for several weeks, and once immature fruit dries, it can last for months longer. Since branches tend to be heavy, make sure to weight the container in which you arrange them.

For more information, visit Green Valley Growers and San Francisco Flower Mart.

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