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Suede No-Sew Skirt

Photography: Gentl & Hyers

Source: Blueprint, 2006


If you can sew a button, you can make this skirt. All the projects are made of cut-and-go microfiber suede (the best known: Ultrasuede). For the scalloped edge, trace an oatmeal canister. Yes, it's that unscientific.

Using our pattern template or following the instructions below, the skirt pattern should first be made from muslin and completed using Ultrasuede.


  • 1 3/4 yards of heavyweight 45-inchwide fabric (for a skirt larger than size 8, you will need to buy 2 yards)

  • Erasable fabric marker

  • 32-ounce oatmeal container

  • Button

  • Needle and thread


  1. Fold 1 3/4 yards of 45-inch-wide muslin in half, so it is 30 by 45 inches. (Use a bit more muslin if you are making a skirt larger than a size 8). Orient the fabric so that the fold is on your right-hand side. Mark 10 inches up on the folded edge (from the lower right-hand corner), and draw a convex curved line to the lower-left hand corner. 

  2. Mark a spot on the edge opposite the fold about 39 inches up from the bottom. From that mark, draw a convex curved line to the upper right-hand corner (the other folded edge). Cut on lines, rounding the lower left-hand corner. Wrap skirt around waist to fit. If skirt is not big enough to overlap about 9 to 10 inches, repeat step 1, cutting a deeper curve from bottom end.

  3. Trace oatmeal container to make shallow scallops along top. Cut scalloped edge through both layers at waist. Fold back top layer, and trace scallops around one end. Wrap skirt around waist to overlap; let scallop end drape.

  4. Take finished muslin pattern and pin to Ultrasuede fabric (folded in half, so its 30 by 45 inches); mark pattern with chalk. Cut out pattern with scissors.

  5. Wrap skirt around waist to overlap; let scallop drape.

  6. Mark closure spot on bottom layer with pin. Sew button on marked spot. Snip a small slit for buttonhole.

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