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A Rejuvenating Tip for Winter Skin

Body+Soul, November/December 2006

On cold winter mornings when no amount of coffee can zap you back to life, your skin deserves a bit of additional TLC. Adopting a reinvigorating ritual will ensure that your epidermis glows despite frightful weather. Rejuvenate with this revitalizing treatment: Before showering, dry-brush your skin from head to toe, and then massage your body with one cup jojoba oil, blended with three drops each of cypress, lime, and cedar wood essential oils. Dry-brushing your skin simultaneously increases circulation and removes dead skin cells, restoring radiant smoothness. Essential oils awaken the senses and treat the symptoms of stress. This soothing routine nourishes the skin and the mind, allowing for a beautiful beginning to the day.


Optimizing your winter skincare regimen is simply a matter of selecting the correct crop of products and incorporating proper care techniques. Learn more about five essential winter skin products from Martha Stewart's makeup artist Daisy Schwatzberg, and create a beautifully balacing facial mask with our simple recipe. Furthermore, discover the secret to hydrating winter skin from spa owner and facialist Sue Ciminelli. Finally, brush up on winter well-being with our holistic winter health primer courtesy of Dr. Amy Bleyer.


Dr. Bleyer's Prevention Plan


Keep It Clean

Keep germs at bay with Dr. Bleyer's simple cleanliness tips. 


Drink Up

Hydrate your body with adequate water each day for optimal wellness.


Nourish Your Body

A diet fortified with adequate nutrients and super foods is the key to a healthful lifestyle.


Get A Flu Shot

Preventative measure must occasionally be taken against illness, and getting a flu shot will strengthen your system's ability to combat contagions. 


Moisturize Your Skin

Correctly hydrating your skin further bolsters your immune system by warding off viruses.




Winter Health Primer


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