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Gingerbread House Kit

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, December 2005


Warm, spicy gingerbread and sweet, sturdy royal icing serve as the brick and mortar for this classic holiday decoration. Gingerbread houses are actually quite easy to construct, especially if the gingerbread pieces are baked ahead of time. Once the gingerbread is done, gather all the materials needed to construct a finished home and place them in a decorative box.


  • Candy for decorating

  • Pastry bag and royal icing


  1. Get the template and instruction card. The card can be folded in half and placed with the other materials. The template should be photocopied twice for each house to be constructed, and enlarged, or kept as-is, depending on the desired size.

  2. Get the instructions for the Gingerbread House from the template.

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